7 Lies – Breaking Down The Media’s Smear Campaign Against Trump.

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I don’t post many political opinions on this page, but I want to make an exception here. As a late and reluctant supporter of Donald Trump, I began to look into some of the very popular claims against the controversial candidate. These claims have been repeated so many times, how can they not be true? Everyone from Hillary, her running mate, Evan McMullin, and the liberal media have echoed the same exact smear campaign as if following a playbook. I present to you this playbook in the form of seven stories, clips, or incidents that gain the most attention.

At the third and final presidential debate of 2016, Hillary Clinton laid it on thick with a series of mischaracterizations about Trump. I will let you read her own words below and some video clips of Donald and what he said. What follows is a rebuke of these continued falsehoods that she and so many other liberals desperately want to be true. Their entire hope for victory was been built on these lies.

Liberal lie #1 – Trump Called All Mexican People Rapists

Hillary: “He [Trump] started his campaign bashing immigrants, calling Mexican immigrants rapists…”

What did Trump actually say?


My Spin:

First, he talks generally about trade with China and then Japan. Next, he talks about how Mexico beats us at the border. Then, he says America has become a dumping ground for the everybody else’s problems. In that order. So he is jumping around quite a bit.

What he then refers to are those coming into the U.S. from the southern border, or Mexico. He makes the mistake of using terminology that assumes Mexico has a policy of “sending” people to the U.S. While that is not entirely true, they clearly aren’t concerned with who enters the U.S. from their border. What border guards and others have discovered is that drug dealers and rapists are among those who are “sent,” or who make it across the border, and they are coming from different nations around the world. Notice he says “their rapists,” or was it “they’re rapists,” or “there are rapists”? He misspoke (think: “bigly”/”big league“), he also didn’t say “Mexican people are rapists.”

Note that nothing in that statement implied that the Mexican people were painted with a broad brush as rapists. In fact – in the short two minutes of this video that jumps from China to Japan, to Mexico, South and Latin America, to the Middle East – it would be difficult to convince anyone with a working brain that he is calling all Mexican people rapists. Obviously, he is talking about various people from all over the world slipping through the southern border and what a mess our immigration policy has become, and Mexico does nothing about it. Liberals try to make this much more than what it is. Why? Perhaps because it’s the easy thing to do when you’ve already made fun of journalists, POW’s, and a Mexican judge.

All of these attacks have come together to fit into the false narrative that Trump is a xenophobic bigot with the hopes to win over potential voters who are easily rallied with out-of-context soundbites.

If you don’t buy into my spin on the “rapist” comment, please read this piece from a liberal at Salon.com:

Liberal Lie #2 – Trump disrespects all POWs

Hillary: “He went after John McCain, a prisoner of war, said he prefers people that aren’t captured.”


My Spin:

I’ve always thought that the FOX and CBSN news pollster Frank Luntz was an annoying media personality, and apparently so did Trump. Trump doesn’t dishonor all POWs with a broad brush. He was annoyed with McCain (as anyone should be with his politics) and Luntz kept prodding Trump with the “he’s a hero”, “he’s a hero” when they were talking about contemporary political disagreements (McCain calling Trump supporters “crazies”). Bless McCain for what he did 40 years ago, but this was about this campaign, not the Vietnam War.

Liberal Lie #3 – Trump Doesn’t Trust Mexicans

Hillary: “He went after a federal judge born in Indiana but who Donald said couldn’t be trusted to try the fraud and racketeering case against Trump University because his parents were Mexican.”


My Spin:

Now, whether you believe it is true, Trump’s whole point is that the he “has a case that should have already been dismissed.” CNN’s Jake Tapper is the one pushing the whole racism thing. Trump is only making the case that “I’m building a wall…between Mexico and the U.S.,” and that since his case should have been dismissed he concludes that this judge is proud of his Mexican heritage and is unfairly using the law against him. That is his opinion and he is entitled to it, however much you dislike it. If you want to call it racism, you probably need to retreat to your safe space. You’d have to live under a rock to conclude that a lot of Hispanic people haven’t been too happy knowing that Trump wants to build a wall. But if you’re the type that wants to make this about a rich white guy who thinks a Latino (U.S.-born) can’t perform the duties of a lawyer, that is your right to be a bigot. Lawyers have come up to Trump and told him he was “being treated so unfairly” and that his case should have been dismissed. 

Liberal Lie #4 – Trump Incites Violence

Hillary: “So it’s not one thing. This is a pattern, a pattern of divisiveness, of a very dark and in many ways dangerous vision of our country where he incites violence, where he applauds people who are pushing and pulling and punching at his rallies.”

And Trump correctly pointed out at last night’s debate:

Trump: “So sad when she talks about violence at my rallies and she caused the violence. It’s on tape.”

Watch: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/10/17/exclusive-okeefe-video-sting-exposes-bird-dogging-democrats-effort-to-incite-violence-at-trump-rallies/

Liberal Lie #5 – Trump Made Fun of a Disabled Reporter

Hillary: “But he also went after a disabled reporter, mocked and mimicked him on national television.”

Watch: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/09/14/did-trump-really-mock-reporters-disability-videos-could-back-him-up.html

My Spin:

In essence, the videos make the case that Trump always does these odd arm waving gestures when he’s talking about someone he is frustrated with. That is it.

Liberal Lie #6 – Donald Trump is xenophobic (Wants to ban ALL Muslims from U.S.)

Shortly after Donald Trump made his comments about banning Muslim immigrants, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints published a statement from the 1840s, written by its founding prophet, Joseph Smith, who extended his view of tolerance to all religions, including Muslims. Since then, some Mormons have condemned Trump and others jumped behind the late candidacy of Evan McMullin. Is all of this reaction necessary? Are the prophet’s words relevant to this situation?

Is Donald Trump bigoted towards all Muslims? All Donald Trump really said and continues to say is that we need to place a ban on immigrants from terrorist hot spots until we figure out what is going on first.

Here at home, Donald Trump’s statements don’t need to be taken to the extreme that other religions should fear for their religious freedom (especially since he has come out against the Johnson Amendment) or that all Muslims will be and or will continue to be banned from the U.S. for all time. That is ridiculous. Trump simply isn’t the best communicator.

To provide contrast from the other side of the aisle, Bill Clinton thinks it is a great idea to settle thousands of Muslims into a dying U.S. city like Detroit, Michigan. Until the U.S. figures a way to mend our relations with the Middle East or to just pull out completely, it doesn’t seem wise to make the U.S. (of all the nations in the world) the home for which our President can pick and choose where to place refugees. All the recent ISIS-inspired shootings should send up a red flag that maybe Trump has a good point. Is it unwise to first get a hold on the problem? Can we stop with the catastrophic conclusions and conspiracy theories that Donald Trump wants to ruin the freedom of religious expression because he wants to use caution?

I am inclined to think that since the U.S. has been the target of radical Islam and has continued to meddle in their affairs, that a man seeking the presidency should be bold enough to make a hard to decision, even if that means to try and pull back American involvement and let the Middle East figure out what it needs to while we do the same. Unfortunately, Trump has called for boots on the ground, and to attack them hard and fast – without divulging more than Hillary might. He is also against nation building and regime change. The unfortunate thing about Middle East policy is that we can only expect the unexpected. 

Liberal Lie #7 – Donald Trump is a misogynist

Second, is Donald Trump a misogynist? Is he guilty of sexual misconduct? In an unprecedented move, the Church-owned Deseret News came out asking Donald Trump to resign from his quest for the White House over his lewd remarks made back in 2005. 

Look, this is the real world. Donald Trump dated and married supermodels. He owned the Miss Universe pageant. He has claimed that he walked in on naked women in their dressing rooms during the pageants. This is a worldly man who has lived a worldly life. He has said many more disgusting things. Only all of this has surfaced just weeks before the election. Remember, we had eight years of Bill Clinton. Yet, hardly anyone questions his leadership as president despite all the allegations that have come out about his past.

Trump apologized, and as Christians, we are commissioned to forgive our fellow man. If we’re really worried that Trump will inspire our young men to treat women this way, believe me, they don’t need him to influence them. They probably hear worse at their high schools, but it can still be used as a teaching moment. If you make mistakes, you can still move on and aspire to do great things. The late Phyllis Schlafly, said, “We have a two party system, and Jesus is not on the ballot.”

My gut tells me Trump is sincere. Perhaps in his old age, he has assessed the country’s needs and concerns and he feels he can contribute something positive. This great smear campaign of 2016, perpetuated obsessively by those on the left, is a reminder that our mainstream media will go to great lengths to bury someone they disagree with in order to save face and to promote their agenda. They are clearly less interested in journalism and are paid not to expose the truth, but to tell you what the truth should be. 

[Update: Apparently, Cal-Berkeley has created a course specifically to break down these claims of Donald Trump’s xenophobia and other allegations. Before you sign up, save yourself a semester and consider what has been presented here.] 



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