Biblical Curses are Not Racist & Latter-day Saints Do Not Need to Apologize

This is part 8 of a 9-part series on the topic of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and race relations. See the rest in the category section: When one thinks of the word curse their mind may take them back to a favorite children’s book, fairy tale, or Disney movie. The

Patterns of Restoration – How Christ Offers Personal and Institutional Healing

The thing about scripture is that though atheists seem to make it look easy by poking holes here and there or to point to awkward commandments (the don’t eat shellfish/don’t wear wool mingled with linen variety) and removing them from their historical context, one thing is certain, and that is that there is a sure

“One True Church” and the Intent Behind the Statement

There is a Biblical theme that is so repetitive throughout ancient scripture that one might expect that a modern-day counterpart would be accepted with enthusiasm. In a world wracked by division and violence, where are the prophets? Where are the visions and the priesthood? Has God ceased to speak to man? Have men ceased to

Does the Bible warn against Joseph Smith’s angelic messenger?

As my class was learning about the Second Great Awakening, one of my students reiterated a popular notion amongst Evangelical and mainline Protestant sects, that the angel Moroni’s visit to Joseph Smith violates the Bible, and therefore, is an indication of him being a false prophet. In the first chapter of Paul’s Epistle to the

What does the Bible say about a homosexual community, and is it time to privatize marriage?

Fears of a Donald Trump presidency have sounded alarms that his VP, Mike Pence, has an agenda to overturn the SCOTUS decision legalizing gay marriage, even though Trump said he is “fine,” with the decision and is ready to move on. Are those just words? Is the Religious Right back in control and ready to

The Pope – A man of God, or just another man?

  This week’s historic visit from Pope Francis to the U.S., which included a speech before Congress and a visit to the White House, begs a few questions. Who is the Pope to the American people? To the world? To many, the pope is just another man. What are we to take from this man’s appearance exhorting Americans

Barriers to the Restoration & Reaching Fellow Bible Believers

It would do well for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to reflect on the media coverage their faith received from the past two election cycles and going forward. In short, the church is dealing with “a barrier to familiarity.”  What exactly were voters, and therefore other Christians unfamiliar with? Some

Pt. 3 – God’s Word and the Unpopular Notion of “One True Church”

The following is part three of this three-part series. For part one click here. For part two click here. A recent Newsmax article highlighted an of era American history that has been the subject of parts one and two, that of the First and Second Great Awakenings. These periods of religious reform heavily influenced the makeup of

Pt. 1 – God’s Word and the Unpopular Notion of “One True Church”

The following is part 1 of a 3-part series. For part 2 click here. It must be admitted that the least attractive contention in all of human history is one of one group’s claim of superiority over another. Supremacy belongs to God. At various times, God has established the truth through prophets, and prophets and

A Snapshot of Biblical History – The “Single-Faith System”

Often critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will say that “God is too strong for His Church to fall.” In contrast to their feelings, these often well-meaning Bible believers seem to miss the bigger picture that God “failing” is not the case. Man has failed time and time again. This info-graphic