Biblical Curses are Not Racist & Latter-day Saints Do Not Need to Apologize

When one thinks of the word curse their mind may take them back to a favorite children’s book, fairy tale, or Disney movie. The curses found in scripture take on a very different meaning. The Bible begins with the glory of creation, but the narrative of man’s relation to God quickly devolves into a theme

3 Issues That Still Haunt the Church & 3 Fatal Flaws In the Critics’ Argument

Many, I am sure, if they have any knowledge of the following culturally sensitive topics as they relate to the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saint’s history, have long written the church off as an awkward cult in the mountains of Utah. Why go to a church “with a history” and with “baggage”? There are

The Church’s REAL Name: Addressing Stumbling Blocks to the Restored Church

Telling the world we no longer wish to go by “Mormons,” “Mormonism,” or the “Mormon Church,” names that were never accurate in the first place and instead asserting our real name, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not, as President Russell M. Nelson pointed out, a publicity stunt. This course correction is

Barriers to the Restoration & Reaching Fellow Bible Believers

It would do well for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to reflect on the media coverage their faith received from the past two election cycles and going forward. In short, the church is dealing with “a barrier to familiarity.”  What exactly were voters, and therefore other Christians unfamiliar with? Some