Biblical Curses are Not Racist & Latter-day Saints Do Not Need to Apologize

When one thinks of the word curse their mind may take them back to a favorite children’s book, fairy tale, or Disney movie. The curses found in scripture take on a very different meaning. The Bible begins with the glory of creation, but the narrative of man’s relation to God quickly devolves into a theme

The Pope – A man of God, or just another man?

This week’s historic visit from Pope Francis to the U.S., which included a speech before Congress and a visit to the White House, begs a few questions. Who is the Pope to the American people? To the world? To many, the pope is just another man. What are we to take from this man’s appearance exhorting Americans to

A Snapshot of Biblical History – The “Single-Faith System”

Often critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will say that “God is too strong for His Church to fall.” In contrast to their feelings, these often well-meaning Bible believers seem to miss the bigger picture that God “failing” is not the case. Man has failed time and time again. This info-graphic