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May 7, 2015 – LDS Living – “5 Strategies for Answering Difficult Gospel Questions





June 18, 2013 – Tips for living: ‘Day of Defense’ tackles misconceptions about Mormonism – Deseret News by Micah Klug



‘Day of Defense’ featured in Meridian Magazine



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Day of Defense is a compelling work that will sharpen the intellect of the Latter-day Saint and challenge the misconceptions of the skeptical Christian. Author Scott Thormaehlen provides an important component in unifying the faithful across denominations.”
—Eric Shuster, author of Where are the Christians: The Unrealized Potential of a Divided Religion

Day of Defense is an excellent addition to the discussion about Mormonism’s place in the Christian community. Using the Bible as the primary source to defend Mormon doctrine as being consistent with the Savior’s teachings adds considerable evidence that Joseph Smith was directed from on high to carry out the restoration of the Gospel. Adding the Book of Mormon to the Bible’s witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ establishes the Mormon faith as Christian in every respect. An excellent first book by promising author Scott Thormaehlen.”
—H. Pete Smith, Former Executive Vice President and CFO of Ultramar Diamond Shamrock

“Thormaehlen does a good job in treating some of the common areas of concern and provides good basic material for responding to objections in many areas…The brevity is also a virtue for those wishing to have basic material to deal with key issues…this is a very useful and very readable book.  It covers a lot of territory…worth reading and pondering, but an expanded version in the future with further resources and hyperlinks for interested readers would be appreciated.”
Jeff Lindsay, Ph.D. Chemistry & LDS Apologist at

Scott Thormaehlen explains commonly misunderstood principles, practices, and philosophies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a concise, easy to understand format. This book is appropriate for Latter-day Saints, of all ages, who wish to share the Gospel with their friends and neighbors.
Victor L. Heller, Ph.D.

“Are Mormons Christians? Why do you need the Book of Mormon, when we already have the Bible? So, how many wives do you have? Those are the types of questions I get asked all the time as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons). Day of Defense provides a thoughtful explanation of answers to these questions and more in a clear and easy to understand manner. Thanks for such a great resource!”
Don A. Johnson MBA, MPH
Lecturer University of Texas at San Antonio

Blog Tour Reviews:

“This book is powerful.”

~Shauna, at I love to Read and Review Books

“I love the idea of this book. In fact, I’m kind of surprised that no one has done this before.”

~Heidi, at LDS and Lovin’ it

“I like that he took the controversial issues head on.  He is showing that we do not have anything to hide and that there is reason and truth behind the things that members of the LDS church practice.

I feel like this book would be great and appropriate for both members of the LDS church, especially if they want to help their friends or anyone with questions understand what Mormons believe or for anyone who is just curious about Mormons. This book does not get deeply in depth about the different areas and some may wish for more information, but for most who are just curious or want to know a little more, this is a great start.

The book does not have a preachy overtone but almost more of a scientific or matter of fact, here are the facts, here is the reason behind it style all while flowing quickly. I am glad I had the opportunity to read it.”

~Emmy, at Emmy Mom

“I became intrigued with a statement made in the introduction, “The primary goal of Day of Defense is to act as a guide to help Mormons and those interested in Mormonism be aware of common misconceptions and negative commentary that create a wall between the world and the truth of the Restoration.”  This is a book for anyone interested in finding out more about the beliefs of the LDS religion.”

~Lisa, at Bookworm Lisa

“I really enjoyed reading this book. There are a variety of topics that are well covered. I’ve been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints my whole life, and I came away with a greater understanding of my religion by reading this book. I loved the way that the author used the scriptures to explain why the LDS Church does things the way that it does. I liked the way he discussed early Christian history. This is a really neat book that will help members of the LDS faith know how to answer questions about our religion and those not of our faith to understand it just a little bit better. ”

~Cathy, at A Book A Day

“I love the way this book is written! It is easy to understand and the topics are ones we’re all familiar with. I love the tone in which he presents it–to help inform and clear up misconceptions, not antagonize or criticize others. We have so much in common with people of all faiths and we need to embrace our similarities and look to build bridges with others who are different from us.”

~Mel, at Mel’s Shelves

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