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Patterns of Restoration – How Christ Offers Personal and Institutional Healing

The thing about scripture is that though atheists seem to make it look easy by poking holes here and there or to point to awkward commandments (the don’t eat shellfish/don’t wear wool mingled with linen variety) and removing them from their historical context, one thing is certain, and that is that there is a sure pattern in scripture that prevails. This pattern relies on living authorities (prophets and apostles) who interpret the written word and provide modern revelation.

God is the same today, yesterday, and forever. 

This pattern puts into question the multiple versions of the Bible and differing denominations that violate the biblical mandate of unity.

This pattern has application and meaning in our day on an institutional (I highly recommend clicking that link) and on a personal level. 

This pattern is something I refer to as “the God pattern” in my book.

This linked article dives deep into God’s pattern of calling prophets. It also inspired me to write what you are currently reading and describes the pattern of truth and authority that God gives to man to organize His Church on the earth. Additionally, its author, Marilynne Todd Linford, offers significant insight to how we can see the restoration as a personal means of restitution through repentance.

Scott Thormaehlen received his Master’s in History in 2016 and taught U.S. History in the Lone Star College system in Houston, Texas and for Alvin Community College. His writings have appeared in Accuracy in Academiathe Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies at Sam Houston State UniversityLDS LivingMeridian Magazineand East Texas History – a project by Sam Houston State University.

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