Author: Scott Thormaehlen

Blacks & Priesthood

Was Racism the Motivating Factor Behind the 1849-1978 Priesthood Restriction on Black Saints?

Second only to plural marriage, the so-called priesthood ban, or racial restriction, is one of the most controversial topics in Latter-day Saint History. If we who hope to share the Restored Gospel with others, we have to overcome the unfounded charges of racism against the Church and acknowledge the imperfections of some of our leaders and the things they said from time to time. Removing American social constructs of “white” and “black” people, using modern science, and Hebrew intent with Restoration scriptures, this topic takes on a meaning the prophets of old intended. We’ll examine the Church’s Essay, “Race and Priesthood” as well. What is says and what it did not say.

What Latter-day Saints need to strongly emphasize is that some leaders have said some wrong things in the past and assert that doctrine is only doctrine when 1) a unified agreement exists between the prophet, First Presidency, and the Quorum of the Twelve, and 2) if it already exists in canonized scripture. In this presentation you will see that race and skin color were not the factors behind the priesthood restriction, and gain a better handle on an ancient and awkward Old Testament curse.

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